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[12 Jun 2006|07:50pm]

In Florence and loving it. If you're my friend on Facebook, check out my pictures, I haven't put them all up yet, but I will when I have a chance.
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<3 Summer [06 May 2006|12:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

My last final is at 3:25pm today. It is Animal Breeding and Genetics, and it is optional. I have an 83 in the class and I need at least a 25/40 to improve my grade.

Since it is optional and I already have a B(-?) it is very difficult to convince myself I should study. So writing this is the best form of procrastination.

I am only four hours away from being a Junior (actually I think credit-wise I am technically a junior), but anyway that is exciting and upsetting at the same time. Being a junior means I only have two more years at Tech left if I don't stay for grad school. That is realllllly sad.

There has been a lot of good news and events happening lately.
-We move into our apartment in five days. The lease is still in Europe somewhere between Prague and Heidelburg, but that is a mere technicality.
-I'm going to NH in eight days.
-I'm going to Italy in 15 days, and I found out some kids from Tech will be in Switzerland during the summer so I am going to meet up with them in Venice maybe.
-We found out the new MV leadership for 2006. Though I am sad that Jess isn't section leader again, Rob and Adam are our new drum captains; that is exciting and kind of funny at the same time. We are going to have a wicked good cadence and drum cheers. Steph is our rank captain, which means we may actually act like a real section and not the outcasts of the drumline anymore. And we'll have new bells hopefully.
-Sarah is going to come to VA for my birthday.
-These past two bullets mean band camp is going to be A.Mazing (that is if I don't get cut)
-I got a 94 on my microbiology final, giving me a solid A(-?) in the class.
-I got an A overall in Eval. Thank god. Hell would have frozen over if I had gotten a B.
-Brylee and Christine and I are all friends again. I am so happy about this. (Andrew is still unbearable, but I don't see him that much)
-Larissa is coming back in June. I miss her.
-I got to sit outside the other day and read. It was nice. Now it's back to 65-70 degrees which is a little too cold for sitting outside.
-Nine Tech players got drafted to the NFL. Marcus wasn't one of them. Ha.

I love summer. I love Tech. I love Blacksburg. I cannot wait for next year. I just hope it doesn't go by as fast as everyone says it will. Sophomore year absolutely flew by.

Oh yeah... I saw an Asian version of Mr. Cirillo the other day. He was wearing a maroon sweatshirt with no hood and jeans. He was balding like Cirillo and had glasses. And most importantly, he was carrying a coffee cup. It made me laugh.

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T minus 23 days! [27 Apr 2006|01:41pm]
Just found out:

Billy Joel is going to be in Italy when I am!!!!!!

That's exciting. We got an email list four pages long of people going on the trip and probably half have sent out messages, and I am friends with probably 20 of them on facebook. Everyone seems really nice. I can't wait for Italy!
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[27 Apr 2006|08:22am]
YAY Schedule for next year:

Animal Nutrition (4)
Dairy Nutrition (3)
Dairy Information Systems (3)
Rural and Regional Developmental Policy (3)
Coops and Humanity (3)
Band (1)

All good except for the fact that I can't take any politics classes because none fit, and International Ag Development conflicted with Animal Nutrition.

Can't wait for summer/fall
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[18 Apr 2006|01:21am]
I am bored and haven't done one of these in a while.

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[06 Apr 2006|10:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I should really be asleep now because for the past two weeks I have been waking up at 6:30am to go to the barn. Even so, I love Little All American!

Reasons Why:
- It is the real beginning of spring
- I get to be around animals
- The show is fun
- My heifer looks good (even though she may not behave well)
- LAA banquet is fun
- I get to get dressed up
- I'm wearing my senior prom dress (since I couldn't fit into it last year)
- I actually feel like part of the dairy club for once

It is a great weekend. Plus, it is not the same weekend as Spring Game which means I get to go to that next weekend too!

Unfortunately, I vented to my mom about how my heifer isn't behaving, and how everyone's parents (even New Englanders) come down for the weekend this morning. I did not feel well at 7am, and was pretty stressed. So tonight I was talking to her and she told me that since I guilted her, she would take off work tomorrow to drive down for the weekend. I told her it wouldn't work because the show starts at eight and she wouldn't make it in time, and that tickets were already sold for the banquet. So that made her sad. I made my mom sad :(. So that makes me sad. I told her that she should come when they can actually spend the weekend since there are all these events throughout the weekend going on.

Anyway, I'm really excited, though I am glad that as of Sunday I won't have to wake up at 6:30 anymore.

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[02 Apr 2006|10:15am]
DONATE to Relay for Life

Please help support our Dairy Club's team and all of Virginia Tech Relay for Life
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camo [05 Feb 2006|03:36am]
[ mood | happy ]

Is it still me that makes you sweat
Am I who you think about in bed
When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress
Then think of what you did
And how I hope to God he was worth it
When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin
I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck
Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me
Girl I was it look past the sweat, a better love deserving of
Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat
No, no, no you know it will always just be, me

Let's get these teen hearts beating, faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close

Tonight was soo much fun... so was this entire weekend

Only down point: bry won the handle of captains and it got stolen

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Bored [25 Jan 2006|05:18pm]
Classes started last week and I like them all. My teachers are somewhat crazy though. I have a really full schedule going from 9-4 on Monday and Wednesdays and 11-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am much more busy with classes than I have ever been.

Wow it's snowing a lot now. It's been in the 50 - 60 degree range for a while, so snow is a bit of a shock. It's windy too, but when is Blacksburg not windy?

I have an AZ meeting tonight at 6pm and don't really feel like reading right now. My IPE teacher picked one of the worst Political Economy textbooks available.

Anyway, we are going to NC,SC,GA for spring trip. Now all I have to do is actually plan the thing.

That reminds me, I am having spring break planning issues. I wanted to go to New Orleans with the YMCA, but I now have my mid term paper due the week after break and I need more than a week to write this thing, and I won't have any time in NO. Brylee and Andrew want to go on a cruise, but I don't have $1000 sitting around so that's out. It's really expensive to fly home from Roanoke or Richmond so my only airport option is BWI/ Dulles, which is 4-5 hours away. I could drive to PA, but I would rather not see my aunt again (she's a bit odd). I could also ride home with Sarah to DC and she could take me to the airport.  At the moment this looks like most economical and feesible option, though not my ideal one. I also don't particularly want to go back to NH.

However, flying back does have one advantage, I might be able to visit Sarah in Marlboro, but i don't know when her spring break is. I need to find that out.

I wish I could just stay in Blacksburg, but they won't let people stay in residence halls over break.
This is one of the many times I wish I had an apartment.

Speaking of apartments, if Larissa turned her application in last weekend like she was supposed to do two months ago, we could be set for our apartment for next year. I am soooo excited, and mostly just glad I don't have to deal with housing next year.

Oh yeah, band banquet was last Saturday...
No DJ. That's right, dinner and dancing turned into three bites of potatoes and no dancing.
I didn't really notice, and don't remember much from that afternoon/night anyway, but it still wasn't fun. The afterparty however was a blast. Except for the fact that Ryan thought he had to be protective of Christine and me. He's not exactly the protective kind, and it got really annoying.
And my dress was so pretty :)

i'll put a picture of the drumline up if I ever find one.
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[22 Dec 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I'm pretty much writing in this thing because i had a less than fabulous day and need to ramble for a little bit.

I have worked a lot and am so glad i have two days off; holley is working tomorrow morning for me so i don't have to go in before I get my wisdom teeth taken out. I am overtired. I think that is what has made me so cranky. I was supposed to see Jill, Kate and Katie today but Kate changed the time at the last minute and i left my car in VA, so i have to use my mom's if it's available, and it wasn't. Also, i decided to sleep through all afternoon, though i had planned on doing stuff. Since I am going to be sore and not in the mood to move at all tomorrow or saturday, I had hoped to have a somewhat eventful day today. Nope. So then I wanted to see Harry Potter but since I have no friends in portsmouth.... sarah you need to be home for real, asap.... i was going to go alone and did not particularly want to do that.

I lasted four days before wanting to be back in VA. That only strengthens my resolve to get back at least a week to a week and a half before classes start. I want to see my friends and go to starbucks and watch movies and read all day. VT is where i want to be. There must be something wrong with me... i don't see kids here saying, "Man, I wish I was back at UNH." or "I can't wait to go back to school." Hmmm it must be a southern thing.

Gator Bowl in a WEEK. Thank goodness. Back in Florida with my favorite people and a trip to disney world. yay. and New Years Eve in downtown Jacksonville. I love it when my director tell us he is going to make it so we can have the most fun possible on New Years... double yay.
Remember to watch Monday, January 2nd at 12:30pm on NBC as the VT Hokies win the Gator Bowl vs. Louisville. Like there is going to be something better to do?

I have to work Christmas day and probably won't be up for eating much since it will only be two days since my teeth have been pulled.

Well to continue this rant a little more....
Grades came out and I finally made a 3.5 GPA.

Spring 2006 Classes for sure... i think...
Microbiology Lab
Ag Economics
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Global Economy and World Politics

NH = No Fun


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Going Bowling [08 Dec 2005|12:54pm]
So we had our bowl meeting yesterday.
Dave had told us we wouldn't be able to make it to Disney because of time, and since our hotel was going to be downtown on the beack in Jacksonville, it wasn't going to be that big of a deal.

Well, our hotel is NOT on the beach. In fact, it's near the airport. So.... Disney world here we come!

I am incredibly excited for the Gator Bowl:

Dec 30: Flying down (everyone else has to take a bus)
Dec 31: Gator Bowl Parade and Pep Rally and New Years Eve in Jacksonville
Jan 1: Disney World and performance there
Jan 2: GAMEDAY 12:30pm on NBC vs. Louisville
Jan 3: Fly Home
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'Tis the Season [05 Dec 2005|11:24am]
[ mood | content ]

I apologize ahead of time because this may turn out to be a fairly long post.

First let me say that when I first auditioned for band, I had no idea what an impact it would make on my college career. I can safely say that it has made the difference for me in my expirience here.
-My best friends are in the band. We would not have met had we not requested to live with the band kids.
-I have been able to have a unique chance to see and participate in Hokie Football
-Hokie Football is a way of life that can only be expirienced by true Hokies, unlike all those "Notre Dame Fans" out there.
-I have been able to go to two bowl games in two years. and one ACC Championship in Jacksonville, Fla.
-The band gets to be at fan fests, pep rallies, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
-We also get paid to do all this
-We spend more time on Worsham Field than most college students will get to ever.
-Contrary to popular belief, it is not Disney World but Lane Stadium that is the happiest place on earth.

This weekend was preceeded by:
-AZ initiation. My big gave me flowers.
-Really long band practices until 10:30pm in Lane
-Lots of rain
-My last Anatomy Practical.
-Getting an 88% on my last anatomy practical giving me a B in that part of the class.
-Getting $76 per diem for a three day trip where pretty much everything was paid for

Now onto the weekend itself:
-12 hours to Jacksonville = arriving at 2am
-70 degree weather and sitting by the pool reading
-Police escort for the 8 buses and truck
-Playing with the FSU drumline who was really really good and really nice too
-"Camp fire that's just too hot"
-Alltel Stadium
-A disappointing game with unfortunate calls.
-Hearing the Tomahock Chop thing so much I never ever want to hear that cheer EVER again
-Getting back from the game at 1:30am
-The only food place open was a Steak and Shake which must have loved 200+  customers at 2am
-12 hours home with a great bus.

The week ahead
-Two more days of classes
-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Tuesday
-Finals ending next wednesday
-Leaving Thursday
-Getting home friday
-Then... back to Jacksonville in a few weeks

So I am excited to not have anything to do besides relax and work over break. We have accepted a gator bowl bid and if all goes well they will fly me from boston back to Jacksonville. Otherwise I don't know what will happen. Our class has been so lucky to be able to go to bowl games. I am also glad this semester is ending. It is all going by so fast. Next semester, Larissa will be in Prague, I will have to plan the spring trip, and will have 16 credits, not too bad of a schedule, but nothing terribly exciting.

It's S.N.O.W.I.N.G.
a lot.

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[01 Dec 2005|02:26am]
[ mood | Anticipation ]

Standing in my way of Friday:

-8am Ag Econ
-Anatomy Lecture
-Anatomy Lab review
-Vit D w/ Larissa
-Anatomy Lab Practical

Only 24ish more hours until another amazing weekend!
Friday = finishing errands and apartment hunting THEN... FLORIDA

Oh yeah, and I'm officially a member of Alpha Zeta. HaHa. Too bad I can't take the whole fraternity thing seriously. It was so hard not to laugh through the entire initiation.
And band lasted until 10:30 tonight. The stadium is wicked cool at night when it is empty, but it was still way too late and way too cold.

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[28 Nov 2005|12:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well we beat UVA 52-14 and UNC 30-3 to be #5 10-1 (7-1). And that means...

JACKSONVILLE ON FRIDAY! we're leaving around 4pm and driving through the night then coming back sunday

70 degree weather and playing for our 2nd ACC Championship in that many years. I am so excited. Even for the 12 hour bus ride. It's on ABC at 8pm on Saturday night. YAY. If we win we go to the Orange Bowl on January 3rd in MIAMI. How I would love to spend New Years Eve in Miami.

Anyway, I just finished my Alpha Zeta stuff so I'm done with all that pledging crap. All that is left is initiation on Wednesday night. I'm not too worried about finals and all, my work is no worse than normal, I just have to do it. I also have to go figure out how to apply for VA residency. That would save me so much money in tuition it's crazy.

PS. I really hope Sarah comes to visit before break.

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[19 Nov 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

This week went by so slowly. But...
I have to wake up at 5am to drive to Charlottesvill because:
Today is Gameday. Noon on ESPN. Hokies vs. Wahoos. Look for the drumline showdown at halftime. (yes I am serious.)

Other than that... Harry Potter was amazing.
After the game I am going to Richmond and spending the night at Jill's. Then I am flying home Sunday afternoon and will be back in New England around 4pm. It's going to be weird I am not gonna lie. I am excited to go, but at the same time I don't feel the need to go. I am getting more and more detatched the longer I stay away. I think this is a good thing.

Going to sleep now since I have to be up in four hours and have to drive two and a half to UVA.

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[04 Nov 2005|10:26am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ten Ways To Occupy Yourself Until Saturday

1. In a show of team unity go to your tailor have him remove all of your shirtsleeves and replace them with orange and maroon sleeves.

2. Refuse to enter any room until they play Enter Sandman.

3. Once they do, wave your arms like Jimmy Williams and demand fan support.

4. Bounce in the elevator. Bouncing in the elevator scares the shit out of people.

5. Fly to Miami; go to the Orange Bowl; spray-paint HOME OF THE FIGHTING GOBBLERS on it.

6. Take naps at your desk. When asked why, respond, “I don’t want to peak too early.”

7. Whenever anyone drops anything scream, “fumble!” and pounce on it. Whenever anyone tries to throw something away, block it and run it back for a touchdown.

8. Fly your car flag in rush hour traffic. If traffic stops, roll down the window and wave it. When you see Tech license plates or stickers on other cars, ride the horn and scream “HOKIES!” Ask if they are on their way to the game, too.

9. In the middle of a meeting, stand up, announce, “I knew Michael Vick. Michael Vick was a friend of mine. Vince Young is no Michael Vick!” Then storm out while mumbling something about the BCS.

10. Send an urgent email to all your friends with the subject line: “2 VT-Miami tickets, $40, first come, first serve.” When they reply, tell them, “sorry, gone.”

ESPN GAMEDAY 10:30am Saturday


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Help me decide, PLEASE. [02 Nov 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Ok I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy. That is a given. What I now need to decide is when. I had always planned on going in the spring of 2007 (my junior year). Fall was always out of the question becasue of band. I planned my schedule to fit everything in requirement-wise, because I won't be able to take dairy science classes abroad, just core humanities classes. But.... I got the catolog of the program I want to go through and started looking at summer programs.

Summer Terms A&B:
-May 21-June 24 and June 25-July 29
-About $5000 per term i think (which would make it 10,000 for both A&B)
-3-6 credit hours per term = 12 for whole summer
--nicer weather than spring
--family could visit
--would spend spring 07 semester at tech... take DASC classes so i don't have to take them all senior year and have a killer course load
--brylee, larissa, and laura coy would be there... backpacking trip after classes end!!! (sarah don't worry, we're still going on ours)
--not as strenuous a schedule as a full semester (only two classes per term)
--i would be going this coming summer (2006) between sophomore and junior years so i would not have to deal with finding an internship
--get to have apartment all next year with girls
--cannot get internship= cannot get money
--more expensive than spring semester if i take the full course load then

Spring 2007
Late January-Mid May
12-18 credit hours
more time in italy
--more trips/excursions available
--more course selection
--expirience more seasons
--be able to work during summer for $$
--colder for part of time
--losing a whole semester as far as DASC course work goes
--would have to move out of apartment after fall semester and move back in for senior year

I want to go through Academic Programs International... Going through VT would be more expensive since I am paying VT out-of-state tuition. If anyone has any suggestions on a better program, please let me know. The school there is the Lorenzo D'Medici School.

The classes I would be taking include creative writing, italian cuisine: the food of italy, international marketing, international communications, and perhaps preparing food and wine: culture of entertainment italian style (for the summer term). There are many more options including history and poly sci and such for the spring semester.

Please let me know which term I should go... it is soooo hard to decide. As far as jobs this summer compared to going abroad... it's really hard to get internships as a sophomore. The one I want is in Brattleboro, VT, which is as close to NH as I would get, but there is a lot of competition for it, as well as for all the other jobs I am applying for. I am definitely leaning toward this summer, since it is closer and I want to go so badly, but I don't have to apply until March. I do, however, have to sign a lease for our apartment next year relatively soon, preferably before Thanksgiving and most definitely before Christmas.

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[31 Oct 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | drained ]

First let me acknowledge the fact that I should be finishing my FST (Food Science and Technology) take home right now.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: 30
Boston College: 10

This week: #5 Miami on ESPN Primetime Saturday Night.
The Last Time the U came to Lane
- Tickets are going for $810
- Insane doesn't begin to describe it
-If you don't watch the game I truly pity you.
-It is sad that some people never get to expirience excitement such as this

Enough football talk...

-Halloween weekend was good. Hopefully webshots will stop being dumb and I can put up pictures.
-Definitely in need of alone time though. Sometimes I just get tired of being around people all the time. Especially the same people (whom I love to death) but I just need to sit alone and read.
-One paper, two tests, four quizes this week. Most of it due before Wednesday. That means hours at Deet's tonight
-It is currently 64 degrees in the burg. Weather here is almost as weird as New England weather.
-So excited for thanksgiving it's not even funny: Home to NH, Boston with mom, working alot = money for xmas presents, good food and relaxing, with football games one either end of the break and hopefully adding two more to the win column.
-The new bells need to come soon. I don't know if my back can take it much longer.

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Tailgate Fever [26 Oct 2005|09:09pm]
"Speaking of tailgate fever….you have it right now don't you? You know what we’re talking about. That little natural high. The quickening of your pulse....that silly grin....that inexplicable desire to pour bourbon in your coffee. That, friends, is tailgate fever, and you have it bad because Thursday is our first night game in Blacksburg this season and you live for this. Tailgates should start by noon; vacation days are mandatory; class is optional. Students, if you must go to class – and let's face it, credit for attendance or a midterm are really the only reasons to go – there is no reason why you can't tailgate in class. Nobody will notice a little bourbon and coke in your Nalgene....especially if you sit in the back. Under no circumstances should your tailgate start later than 2:45. If it does, you will not have the requisite minimum 5 hours of pregaming."

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One day to gameday [26 Oct 2005|01:08pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Ok. tomorrow is gameday. Do I need to say this anymore? Gameday is amazing. But.... Thursday night, Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, BC (old big east rival), the first thursday night game ALL year. It is going to be amazing. Oh yeah and we're still undefeated.

If you want to learn a little more about hokie football, read Tailgate Fever. If you don't understand all of it, it's okay, it's still entertaining.

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